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Teej Festival


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TeeJ Festival is known as the Haritalika and is observed by women in Nepal and other countries around the world. During this time, women typically fast and pray for the prosperity of their spouse, which incidentally falls on the third dark day of the lunar month according to Nepali Month Bhadra. Women celebrate with delicious foods known as Dar, a day before Teej and fast on the next day as per tradition. The three-day festival begins with Dar on the second day of the fortnight in the month of Bhadra and is marked with fasting and cultural programs the following day. Women traditionally take ritual baths in the morning and after worship in the evening. They pay homage to lord shiva; they light lamps and spend the night awake. The festivity typically concludes on the fifth day of the fortnight after worship has been offered to Saptarishi (seven sages). The festival is also a celebration of sisterhood, as sisters congregate at their natal home and indulge in jubilant dancing and singing. 

It is believed that Parbati, the daughter of Himalayas was on her maiden fast wishing for health and wellbeing for her spouse, lord shiva. Since then, the day has been observed as Haritalika Teej, where married women put on bangles, "Pote’ (a necklace made of glass beads), Tilahari and sindur (crimson powder), which is considered to bring good luck, they dress themselves in red saris or other red outfits whilst being adorned with different kinds of ornaments. Both married and unmarried women perform various pujas (worship), fast and pray that their prayer requests will be answered, which is usually for a prosperous conjugal life. This celebration is typically observed in Temples, as well as homes, event centres and other gatherings.


August 30th, 2023.



Teej Festival

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