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Rongali Bihu


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Rongali Bihu, or Bohag Bihu, is a harvest festival celebrated throughout north-eastern India, especially in the state of Assam. It is the most important of the three Bihu festivals in this region and is known as Assamese New Year.  

Rongali Bihu is celebrated with cultural events such as burning torches, performing traditional songs and dances, and playing games. Visiting relatives, prayers and the giving of offerings, and the asking of blessings also take place.  

Traditional clothing is worn, such as sador mekhela for women, and dhoti and gamocha for men. Food is an important aspect of the celebrations, and special cakes known as pithas are popular, as is the Assamese delicacy Khar, along with other festival delicacies made from rice, coconut, jaggery, sesame and milk. 

Rongali Bihu begins on the first day of the solar cycle of the Hindu calendar and thus shares a date with other regional new year celebrations such as the Tamil Puthandu and the Malayali Vishu.  


Rongali Bihu begins on the first day of the year in the solar cycle of the Hindu calendar, which falls on or around the 14th of April each year in the Gregorian calendar.    

Rongali Bihu

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