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Prophet Muhammad's birthday is commemorated by Muslims in Fiji on 12 Rabi' al-awwa of the Islamic calendar. Although, only around six percent of Fiji's population are Muslim, Prophet Muhhammad's Birthday is an official public holiday across the country. Muslims live throughout Fiji but the celebration is more popular in the northern Island of Vanua Levu than on the Southern Island of Vitu Levu in the capital of Suva. The main town of Vaua Levu where people gather at an Islamic Centre each year to celebrate "Mawlid" is Labasa. 

Fiji has multiple Muslim sects that help organise the event each year, both for the prophet's birthday and other Muslim holy days. Over a thousand attendees flock to Labasa for the event, though smaller events are held in northern towns all over Fiji. Muslims everywhere celebrate at their local mosques and in their private homes as well. 



Monday, 2nd October 2023.


Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

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