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New Year's Eve is the last day of the year before New Year's Day. It marks the start of a new year according to the Gregorian Calendar. Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582. New Year's Eve festivities date back to celebrations in Europe before the widespread of Christianity. As many Europeans were converting to Christianity, these celebrations were interwoven with Christian beliefs and eventually became known as New Year's Eve and New Year's celebrations.  

New Year's Eve is also known as Saint Sylvester's Day in many countries around the world, it is celebrated at evening parties where many people eat, dance, drink and watch or light fireworks. New Year's Eve brings about mixed feelings for many celebrants. There is a great deal of nostalgia as people reminiscence on the passing of the old year and contemplate new goals for the New Year.  

Traditionally, some people celebrate New Year's Eve by attending midnight church services, while others gather around in public venues such as Times Square in New York City, or Trafalgar Square in London to count down for the closing seconds of the passing year. It is a time for merry-making as many people host friends and families in varies party-themes. Parties vary in size, theme and extravagance, from masquerade balls to costume parties, small parties to large parties, and social gatherings at private homes and venues.  

Many New Year Eve's festivities are concluded by fireworks and drinking sparkling champagne. Some people watch televised countdown of the New Year as the clock strikes into the New Year's Day, people typically exchange hugs, kisses, and wish each other á happy New Year.' However, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are not followed or observed by all cultures, Hindus, Chinese, Coptic, Jewish and Islamic calendars differ to that of the Gregorian Calendar. 


31st December every year.



New Year's Eve

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