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Lao New Year


Cultural events are listed here with basic background details. For specific events, dates, and times, please see the Featured Events on the Cultural Calendar main page.




Lao New Year is based on the Buddhist calendar. It is widely celebrated in Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thai. People start food preparation a week ahead of the celebrations. A good luck dish of sticky rice is often on the menu as the main course, as well as sticky rice desert in banana leaf which is a popular food eaten during the festival. Women wear traditional silk skirts and cultural attire during this occasion. The festival is celebrated for three days and is the most important of all festivals in Laos. During the three day celebrations rituals are performed to cleanse the house from bad spirits and welcome blessings for the new year. Religious rituals are also observed at Buddhist temples on Lao New Year.


Friday, 14th April 2023.



Lao New Year

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