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Ganesh Chaturthi


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Ganesh Chaturthi festival is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Ganesh. It is widely celebrated in India as a joyous occasion. He is believed to be the god of wisdom and good fortune. Prayers and supplication are made to him followed by large celebrations throughout India. Homes are typically decorated with idols of lord Ganesh; devotees decorate their homes and welcome Bappa on the first day of the festival. The festival concludes with a 10-day continual celebration on Anant Chaturdashi, known as Ganesh Visarjan Day. During this time, the idol of Lord Ganesh is immersed in a water body after a beautiful procession that people enjoy.  

The story of lord Ganesh is told that one day, lord Shiva came to meet the goddess Parvati, but Ganesh, her son was guarding her and forbade lord Shiva from entering the area where Mata Parvati bathed. Lord Shiva and Bal Ganesh soon engaged in a fierce battle in which the more aggressive Shiva separated Ganesh's head from his body. When the goddess Parvati returned from her bath, she was furious and threatened to destroy the universe. To avert this catastrophe, lord Shiva took the head of a baby elephant and attached it to Ganesh's head. This day of celebration marks the rebirth of lord Ganesh, signifying the importance of new beginnings. The 10-day celebration is a time when devotees worship to acquire knowledge, wisdom and prosperity before the beginning of any auspicious work.  


Monday, 18th September 2023.


Ganesh Chaturthi

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