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Easter Monday


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Easter Monday comes after Easter Sunday, the day that Christians believe Jesus Christ came out of the tomb after he was crucified. Easter Monday has no biblical observance in the bible, but many denominations of Christianity, particularly and ironically, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox, celebrate this day as a legal holiday and as integral to their Christian cultural tradition. Christians observe Easter Monday as the end of the Holy Week before returning to work. The first introduction of the term Easter Monday was recorded in the 15th century. Easter Monday holds a great significance in Christian belief. Even though different denominations and different cultures celebrate Easter Monday with different traditions, all believers in Christ Jesus congregate to celebrate the resurrection of their Messiah to Earth in their own unique way. 

After his crucifixion and resurrection from death, Jesus stayed on Earth for 40 days, during which time he appeared before his followers. At this time, he also healed the sick, and spread the message of the kingdom of God. The establishment of the church is largely attributed to the acts of Jesus Christ. Jesus ascended into heaven after 40 days on Earth.

Easter Monday is not expressly religious. Some Christians denominations celebrate Easter Monday with outdoor activities such as, processions and parades. Some organise and partake in Easter-egg rolling contests. For others, Easter Monday is a day when spouses and siblings wake each other up by pouring buckets of water on each other. Easter Monday is observed light-heartedly with fun-filled traditions to mark the end of the Holy Week.

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10 April 2023. 

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Easter Monday

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