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Asalha Puja (Dhamma Day)


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Takes place on the full moon of the eight-lunar month, usually in July. Asalha Puja marks the beginning of monsoon season, during which time Buddhist monks hold a monsoon retreat where they abstain from traveling. The history of the holiday imparts that it was during this time that Buddha became awakened and consequently began his teachings in Buddhism. Buddha then sought the counsel of five people he had already practiced with, and alongside them he gave a teaching in Sarnath, India. His teachings included the four noble truths and the eightfold path which are the core structures that uphold Buddhism. The four noble truths are:

1) There is suffering

2) There is a cause of suffering

3) There is an end to suffering

4) The way out is the eightfold path

The eightfold path is a Buddhist guideline for living ethically and cultivating a world that brings an end to the causes of suffering. These eight steps are:

1) Right view

2) Right Intention

3) Right speech

4) Right action

5) Right Livelihood

6) Right effort

7) Right mindfulness

8) Right concentration

Key Terms: Important festival of Theravada Buddhism-Day on which Lord Buddha gave first dhamma sermon to followers.



Monday July 3rd, 2023.

Date can change - check event page for future dates.



Asalha Puja (Dhamma Day)

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